Domestic Regular Cleaning

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(Weekly or Fortnightly Only) 

Domestic Cleaning Service

Weekly or Fortnightly


Smaller Properties

2 or 3 Bedroom with 1 bathroom

$55 per cleaner per hour

(Minimum 2 cleaners $110 per hour) plus GST



Medium to Large Properties

3- or 4-Bedroom with 2 bathrooms

$50 per cleaner per hour

(3 cleaners $150 per hour) plus GST


Our staff are Fully Insured and each one has a valid Police Check and a Working with Children Check for your peace of mind and they each come with experience.


We always send a minimum of 2 cleaners out to all job for work place health and safety and we find that our cleaners work better as a team.



Our Cleaners time starts when they pull up outside your property, they need to unload the required equipment and chemicals from the van prior to coming into your property, their time finishes when they have packed up the van after the clean, our company has to legally pay our cleaners for their time. Which we basically allow 5 minutes to unload and lock the van and the cleaners spend approximately 50 minutes inside your property and another 5 minutes to pack up the van which works out to (60 minutes) 1 hour.

Travel Fee

Our cleaners are paid for the time which includes travel, anyone who is more than 10 kl/m from the CBD will be charged a travel fee per cleaner.


Cleaning for each property

(General clean, this is not a deep clean)



Shower cleaned including glass
Bath cleaned
Sink cleaned
Outside of vanity cleaned
Floors vacuumed and mopped



Furniture dusted and cleaned
Loungeroom tidied up
Floors vacuumed



Bedroom furniture dusted
Bedroom tidied up
Floors vacuumed



Kitchen bench cleaned
Sink cleaned
Outside of cabinets cleaned (periodically)
Outside of fridge, microwave and dishwasher wiped down
Floors vacuumed and mopped



Cobwebs removed
Bench and sink cleaned
Outside of Laundry cabinet cleaned
Floor vacuumed and mopped



What’s NOT Included in Regular Cleaning



Washing, Clothes Drying, Ironing or folding of washing

We sadly don’t do clients washing (using a client washing machine or dryer or hanging out washing or any ironing) for a number of reasons, the first being such equipment would likely not be Tested and Tagged (every 3 months) and our employees haven’t been trained in the use of such equipment and then there is the risk of damage to such equipment or washing.


Washing up dishes

Our employees don’t wash up dishes due to the risk of breakage


Lifting of Heavy Furniture

 Our employees are not permitted to lift heavy objects or furniture due to the risk of injury and or damage


Other Services

Our domestic cleaners don’t clean windows, ovens or do carpet cleaning  etc as these are additional services we can provide and can arrange by appointment as per cost for these services, they aren’t included in a regular domestic clean.



$60 per cleaner per hour
(Minimum 2 cleaners $120 per hour) plus GST