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One of our qualified technicians will be able to determine the correct products necessary to remove all graffiti, without damaging your surfaces.


Commercial & Domestic Properties


Fences, Walls, Footpaths, Paving, Benches, Signs & much more

Concrete, Bricks, Timber, Colourbond, Sandstone, Pavers & much more



Testing is carried out to determine the appropriate chemical, equipment and method required for removal. This ensures that the graffiti is removed in the safest and most effective manner and produce the optimum result without damaging the underlying surface. When the graffiti has been removed, the surface will be restored back to its original state and appear as if there had never been any graffiti present.


We remove graffiti from aluminium, banners, brickwork, coated surfaces, Colourbond, concrete, glass, painted surfaces, Perspex, plastic, render, shade cloth, signs, steel, tiles, timber and vehicles.


Sometimes it may be appropriate method of removal is to have the graffiti painted over. We are able to provide colour matching and painting, to eliminate the graffiti.



We can remove Illegal bill posters from numerous surfaces.



A way to shield valuable assets from graffiti vandalism is to protect them with an anti-graffiti coating. Anti-graffiti coatings form a barrier, preventing paint, inks and dyes from penetrating deep into the surface. There are various types of coatings available to suit different requirements. They are useful on porous surfaces like concrete and sandstone and are highly recommended to be applied to painted murals, printed banners and certain types of signage.



At times removal of graffiti from painted or rendered surfaces is not possible, so in these instances, painting over the graffiti is practical and cost effective.