Oven Cleaning

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Oven Cleaning


Oven Cleaning

Standard Size Oven (600mm)                         $140 plus GST

Larger Size Oven (900mm)                              $160 plus GST


  • Removal of grease, grime and carbon deposits
  • Removal of oven doors and cleaning of glass
  • Removal and cleaning of panel and fan
  • Soaking and cleaning of oven racks
  • Polishing and buffing of the door and racks
  • Polishing of knobs, handles and glass


Benefits of oven cleaning
Reduced energy consumption
Increased oven efficiency
Reduced energy consumption
Prevention of fumes, smoke, a burnt taste to meals and even fire


Stove Top Cleaning

Stove Top Clean, (Gas or Electric)                   $55 plus GST

  • Cleaning of elements
  • Removal of stove top grime and stains
  • Removal of food scraps and carbon in the grill space
  • Soaking and cleaning of grill racks and tray
  • Cleaning of the griller door


Rangehood Cleaning

Rangehood Cleaning                                        $55 plus GST

  • Soaking, grease removal and scrubbing of exhaust fan filters
  • Removal of dust and grease from hood top and all surfaces
  • Polishing of exterior


Microwave Cleaning

Microwave Cleaning                                          $55 plus GST

  • Removal of food remnants and cleaning of interior
  • Cleaning and polishing of exterior


BBQ Cleaning

BBQ Cleaning                                                     Quote Required


Refrigerator Cleaning

Refrigerator Cleaning                                       Quote Required


Commercial or Industrial Ovens

Commercial or Industrial Ovens                    Quote Required