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Rug Cleaning

Steam Cleaning rug at your house            $40 to $60

Encapsulation rug at your house              $60 to $80

Rug Washing Service (not available in Winter)

If you drop it off to us                                $120 each

Pick it up and delivery                               $30 extra


Professional Rug Cleaning

All Rugs have a Manufacturer Recommended cleaning method which you should check prior to contacting us, as we use the most common rug cleaning method for rug cleaning which is the hot water extraction (steam cleaning) method. This method deep-cleans your rugs and removes dirt and cleaning solution residues more effectively than other methods.

For older or more delicate rugs, we recommend dry cleaning.

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We request that you either send us pictures of your rug and also a picture of the label which is on the back of the rug to our email or to our mobile phone so we can let you know if we can clean your rug


Rugs we don’t do

  • Viscose
  • Sisal