Window Cleaning

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Our window cleaners are fully trained, and have a working with heights license, we also use the latest in equipment such as the reach system from ionic which is used for outside windows and internal windows are done the old school way which is by a squeegee


Internal and External Window Cleaning


2 Bedroom Property                                       $180 plus GST
3 Bedroom Property                                       $200  plus GST
4 Bedroom Property                                       $220 plus GST
5 Bedroom Property                                       $240 plus GST


Window Cleaning Extras

(Extra’s are when window cleaning is booked in)


Security/Flyscreen’s                                         $55 plus GST
Window Tracks                                                 $55 plus GST
Double Story Property                                    $55 plus GST
Glass Pool Fence                                              $55 plus GST



Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning                     Quote Required